4 Popular Residential and Commercial Heating Methods


A large population of the world lives in regions where the winter season does make its appearance in a strong manner. In those areas, there is need to heat up the indoors as it has been since the beginning of time for humankind.

These days, there are a lot of methods and devices you can use to heat your residence, office or workplace, some of them are better than others in certain weather conditions or areas whereas in other areas, you may need something else.

4 Popular Residential and Commercial Heating Methods

When it comes to heating, there are a few factors people consider, mainly energy efficiency, cost of purchase, installation and maintenance, overall performance, including others. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most popular methods of heating used in the world and assess them on the criterion mentioned above. So let us get to it.


The working of a boiler is very simple to understand; there is a boiler that heats up the water. The boiler itself is heated by burning fuel like gas or oil. The hot water from the boiler is circulated all the way through the house using pipes and heats up the rooms using radiators or any other similar device. The relatively cooler water returns to the boiler and heats up again and the process continues. Boilers are popular because they provide cost effective heating rather easily.


Central furnaces are a popular way to heat up the whole house and they are very popular in a lot of areas in the world. There is a central furnace where fuel is burned after being mixed with air, the furnace can fired using oil or gas. The flames of the furnace heat up a metal heat exchanger from which air is pushed using fans, this process heats up the air considerably. This air is then circulated throughout the ducts and reaches the rooms using grills or registers o any other methods air can enter a room through a duct.


The jury is out on fireplaces and the debate continues whether they are as effective now and they used to considering modern techniques and methods to heat up a house are a lot more efficient and troublesome. Especially if your fireplace uses wood and not gas to burn. There is no argument that fireplaces improve the look of your house but usually they are not as effective as some of the other methods, but people keep using it if they have it.

Wood Burning

The oldest way to create fire is to burn wood. This is partially what has made so valuable to us human being over the last few millennia. Wood stoves, or their cousins, pellet stoves, are also a classic way to warm the indoors without making a mess of things. It is even better if the smoke from the fire can be properly ventilated out of the room. Pellet stoves don’t require a chimney for it i.e. the pipe will suffice, whereas for a wood stove, you would need a chimney.